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Croeso i'r Welsh Black fferm!
It all began in May 2007 with seven yearling heifers, which remained in pasture with their breeder because we didn't have any land of our own.

In November 2007, man and cattle then moved to this super former farm with 14 acres of pastureland here in lovely Oldenbuettel. Meanwhile after lots of work and investment, the premises have more or less been restored to a working farm again with almost all that entails. At the moment, we work 98 acre of pastureland on a part-time basis. Around 50 Welsh Blacks are kept in conditions appropriate to the species on the consolidated pastures where they are range freely all year round. The fertile hay meadows produce most of their winter fodder. Chicken, rabbit and goats breeding together with dogs and cats make our little ark nearly complete. But only nearly, as we're never short of ideas: "Any more for any more?" ! [ www.feinfleisch.de].

Well, that's about all to start with for now. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about the Welsh Black Farm® or if you have any suggestions to make.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website!

Yr eiddoch yn gynnar ac ffarwél,
Dirk Heinemann & team